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Your eyes will light up, shoulders pull back and lips pucker when you drape your body with Krivoya jewellery! Whether wearing a wedding gown, jeans and tee, or that little black dress, you will find the perfect accessory when you choose Krivoya. They have been beautifully crafted to go with the classy and sophisticated attitude that defines the people in the party circuit.

Designer Voila Kapoor Aditya creates beautiful pieces for that self-assured woman who is not afraid to let herself shine. The uniqueness and versatility of Voila’s designs are what sets her jewellery apart. These pieces will never find themselves at the bottom of your jewellery box!

Be assured that each piece is individually handcrafted with only the finest and exquisite gems and stones. When these stones, crystals and pearls are added with clean complementary lines, and just the right amount of drama, Voila finds the perfect “marriage” between fabulous and functional!

Voila Kapoor Aditya and Dr. Niru Setia Kapoor opened their doors in 2006 in a small jewellery boutique.  With a small staff of only three other people, sometimes burned the midnight oil to ensure that customer orders were on time.  With the evolving times, the company has forayed in to the e-commerce space by partnering with another expert in the domain of jewellery.

Dr. Niru Setia Kapoor, a leading gynaecologist of the city decided to assist her only child in her veteran business. She understand jewellery as well as she understand the human body and with her administrative skills has helped the company reach where it is.

Voila Kapoor, after finishing her Commerce Degree planned to learn A-Z about Jewellery and spent the next 3 years in Jaipur and Surat and gained a keen understanding of all aspects of this business. Besides being the only child she always wanted to be an independent girl and fulfil her parent”s dreams.

This site is an outcome of the experience and vision of these two, with the blessings and support of all the family members and their ancestors.

When a customer does come through our doors for the first time, they immediately recognise that it isn’t a typical jewellery store.  We offer a level of service that is unparalleled.  And we don’t mean showering guests with imported sparkling water and caviar.  We mean treating people with genuine respect.  In addition, we have Goldsmiths and Silversmiths on site who can repair or make or create about anything.  We don’t have to send customer jobs out to some unknown location only to return several days later hoping that the work was done correct.

Our selection is truly unbeatable. If you have ever shopped for jewellery elsewhere, you will know our selection is enormous by comparison and we aim to give every customer a top notch experience.   If you can’t find a style you like, we can make it or find it for you.  And if we can’t—well—that just doesn’t happen.

We Know Jewellery –
& We Know Our Customers

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